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“…he is one of the most serious blues guitarists you can find today.  He makes me proud!”...B.B. King

Released August 24, 2010

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Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters

"I feel the respect and affection for him that a father feels for his son. He is one of the most serious blues guitarists you can find today.  He makes me proud."  ~ B.B. King

“When it’s time for spiritual rejuvenation, it’s time for a visit from Ronnie Earl, pastor of the church of tone.”  ~ Eric C. Shoaf, Vintage Guitar

“Ronnie is considered by critics, fans, and musicians alike to be one of the greatest guitarists to ever grace this planet, and his music truly transcends genres and touches the soul. Be it jazz, blues, or standards, his dynamic approach to playing is respectful of his influences and at the same time transporting jazz and blues into the next millennium." ~ Tom Guerra, Vintage Guitar


“… an album of rare joy and soul from a master who has reached another pinnacle in his playing.”~ Steve Morse, The Boston Globe 

“And as usual, it’s not all about Ronnie Earl. It’s also about the piano and Hammond B3 flair of Dave Limina, the solid yet subtle bass lines of Jim Mouradian, and the percussive diversity of Lorne Entress—the Broadcasters for the past eleven years. Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters exert a magnitude of imagination and creativity into the blues in Spread the Love.” ~Brian D. Holland, Guitar International

“Even when he takes to blues and jazz, there is still something deep and spiritual being communicated through his playing.  His guitar is a lantern in the darkness and his heart is the kerosene… Thanks to Ronnie Earl, the devil no longer has all the best tunes and they say the weather in Heaven is a hell of a lot better.” ~Josh Hathaway, Blog Critics

Ronnie Earl's talents are indeed immense, and his uncanny knack of capturing even the most subtle nuances of his mentors thru his music makes him unique.  Take the leadoff cut, "Backstroke."  It's one of the few covers presented herein, and is an Albert Collins staple.  Ronnie captures that "icy" sound perfectly that Collins was noted for, but many listeners may not know that Collins often ended his instrumentals with that three-note coda that defines the National Broadcasting Company.  Yep, at the very end is that familiar "N-B-C," and Ronnie's right on top of it.  The same goes for Dave Limina's original "Spann's Groove."  When he and Ronnie start trading licks on this one, you'd swear it was a long-lost Chess side from Muddy and Otis Span. ~~ Don and Sheryl Crow, Nashville Blues Society  

 “The pacing segues and production is masterfully done, and the unbridled passion in his playing creates a joyous, uplifting vibe.” - Jeff Johnson, Chicago Sun-Times

“As Ronnie Earl continues to build on his guitar canon we get to reap his spiritual sincerity. Often while listening, especially to his more spiritual toned songs, you get that feeling of unfulfilled-musical-searching that Miles Davis had in his music. Ronnie may never find that perfect note, but listening to him try will be something to bring enjoyment and fulfillment to anyone who opens their heart to it.” ~Greg Szalony, Blues Blast

“Earl has previously displayed a talent for putting heart and soul into his playing, and here he produced the recording and wrote or co-wrote nine of the 14 cuts, most of which are melodic and lyrical even though there are no vocals-just the soaring cry and moan of Earl’s amazing Fender Strat through a Super-Reverb.  His choice of covers is no less inspiring, especially an interpretation of Duke Pearson’s ‘Christo Redentor,’ which captures the beautiful melody in an inspired way and is a perfect choice for Earl’s style.  Aided by the Hammond B-3/piano (and songwriting) of Dave Limina, Earl’s playing is a tone-tonic for the soul.” ~ Eric Shoaf, Vintage Guitar 

"The problem with reviewing a Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters disc is that you run out of accolades before you run out of disc. Stunning Guitar work! Great use of dynamics! Unmatched tone! Telepathic interplay with the band! Virtuosity in both jazz and blues! Mesmerizing tunes! Hot, Hot, Hot! This one is no different.” ~ Mark Smith, Blues Source 

Spread the Love is another marvelous release from Earl and the Broadcasters.  To paraphrase former NFL coach Bum Phillips, as far as blues guitarists go, Ronnie Earl may not be in a class by himself, but it doesn’t take long to call the roll. ~ Graham Clarke, Phoenix Blues Society’s BluesBytes

In some ways, Spread the Love is almost a textbook in how to play the guitar and should find an audience that will widen to take in everything offered. The masterful restraint and consummate taste alone present baroque possibilities, and I think this release will be retrospectively found to a watershed moment. Look for everything you've come to expect of the guy, and then look a whole lot more, 'cause it's right there.”~ Mark S. Tucker, FAME

“What’s often the key to keeping genre music, especially instrumentals, fresh and diverse is the ability to properly ignore restrictions. Ronnie is one of few blues performers who can say that he stays true to the genre, even though typical boundaries don’t exist in his music. Spread the Love is a brilliant example of the sundry instrumental sound of Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters. It has a good mixture of both tradition and the more divergent in style.” ~ Brian D. Holland, Guitar International

Spread the Love qualifies as an all-instrumental religious experience in the blues… Ronnie has the ability of a Pentecostal evangelist to reach deep inside someone’s soul and move them emotionally. The difference is that he does it without saying or singing a single word. He does all of his “preaching” with the strings of his Stratocaster…and while he does not generally play venues that are more than a few hours from home, he still gets out and ‘Spreads the Love’ by playing the message of the blues that’s ingrained into his soul. And we are so blessed that he does. – Guitar Daddy, The Guitar Buzz