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“…he is one of the most serious blues guitarists you can find today.  He makes me proud!”...B.B. King

It has been said about Ronnie:


"I feel the respect and affection for him that a father feels for his son. He is one of the most serious blues guitarists you can find today.  He makes me proud."  ~ B. B. King


"Perhaps the finest living blues guitarist on the planet." ~ The Boston Phoenix


Ronnie Earl caresses the strings with utmost sensitivity one moment, alternately following it by a cluster of hard-edged riffs.”  ~ Gary Tate/LivinBlues


"Ronnie is considered by critics, fans, and musicians alike to be one of the greatest guitarists to ever grace this planet, and his music truly transcends genres and touches the soul. Be it jazz, blues, or standards, his dynamic approach to playing is respectful of his influences and at the same time transporting jazz and blues into the next millennium." ~ Tom Guerra


“A phenomenal talent equally capable of throwing out both nimble-fingered jazz licks and greasing down-and-dirty Delta blues riffs, Earl's playing is a cross between B.B. King’s effortless elegance, Albert King’s funky grit and Freddie King’s instrumental playfulness.”  ~ Reverend Keith A. Gordon


“He has released some twenty albums…but Ronnie Earl can still take your breath away.”  ~ Guitar Player Magazine


“When it’s time for spiritual rejuvenation, it’s time for a visit from Ronnie Earl, pastor of the church of tone.”  ~ Eric C. Shoaf, Vintage Guitar 


“Ronnie rocks!”  ~ Marcus, age ten at a recent benefit performance given by Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters


“Who in their right mind would wanna follow Ronnie Earl?!”  ~ Robert Lockwood, Jr.


“A guitar player’s dream…Earl plays with the finesse of a Sugar Ray Leonard and the intensity of a Jake LaMotta.” ~ Guitar Player Magazine


“Few blues guitarists generate as much intensity and electricity as Earl does night after night…Ronnie plays each performance as though it were his last night on earth.”  ~ Guitar World Magazine


“Earl is the master of the slow squeeze, a string-bender whose soulful phrasing and heartache tone get under your skin.”  ~ The New Paper, Providence 


“Earl may be the most exciting blues guitarist on the scene.  His simple, direct lines smolder like campfire ember.”  ~ Scott Farina, Kansas City Star


“Guitarist Ronnie Earl is living history of Boston Blues.”  ~ Brett Milano, Boston Globe


“Ronnie Earl plays some of the cleanest; torchiest blues guitar heard in many a moon.”  ~ Eric Feeber, Virginian-Pilot


“Earl has been steadily staking out a solid claim as a certifiable guitar hero.”  ~ Austin American-Statesman


“Earl has become the premier guitar slinger in the last decade…equally adept at the quietest, most delicate passages as well as the earth-shaking barn-burners.”  ~ Jay Miller, Patriot Ledger


“Hope Radio shows the genius of Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters.” ~ Living Blues


Hope Radio is a "Roomful of Ronnie."  A "live-in-the-studio masterpiece" where "Earl reimagines the emotional possibilities of the guitar."  ~ Hal Horowitz