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“…he is one of the most serious blues guitarists you can find today.  He makes me proud!”...B.B. King

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Maxwell Street

An album of traditional, healing and soulful blues rooted in gratitude.

Ronnie's 24th album out now on Stony Plain Records! 
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Reviews for Maxwell Street

"Listened to Maxwell Street twice yesterday and it turned my white dress shirt blue!" ~ Jeff

Tone messiah Ronnie Earl has once again used his guitar to speak to our souls with his soul, and the blues, on Maxwell Street.'
Tom Clarke, Blues Music Magazine

“Traditional, healing and soulful,” indeed.  Earl’s focus is on subtlety, beauty and feeling.” Frank Matheis, Living Blue

“Every note counts for a feeling in free flowing virtuosity.  Listeners are treated to some very refined, musically eloquent blues.  Sometimes words will fail when trying to explain music, but a best attempt would be to say that Earl hits the “sweet spot” the way Jascha Heifetz, Itzhak Perlman, Kenny Burrell and Django Reinhardt did, but you have to hear it to know it, and mostly to feel it.” 

Frank Matheis, Living Blues

“Chock full of personality and hope, and at once heart rending and uplifting..."  Tom Clarke Blues Music Magazine

From Ronnie:

This album is dedicated to my big brother David Maxwell.

We were born on the same day ten years apart.  His playing was a deep as the ocean, as high as the sky and as bright as a quasar.  When he passed I felt a huge loss as I still do.  David was a Broadcaster and he and I made a few records together. It was always a supreme honor to play with him. He played blues as well as jazz with incredible expression from Otis Spann to Cecil Taylor.  He knew and loved it all.  He became Otis Spann in the later years.  Our pianist David Limina wrote a tune that captures the feeling of the album and we all send our love and respect to David’s family and all of our love and gratitude for David Maxwell.



1. Mother Angel    5:37            Ronnie Earl,  Mr. Earl Publishing, BMI

2. Elegy for a Bluesman 5:40      Dave Limina, BMI

3. In Memory of T-Bone 6:00    Ronnie Earl,  Mr. Earl Publishing, BMI 

4. Kismet    6:18   Diane Blue & Ronnie Earl, Diane Blue BMI, Mr. Earl Publishing, BMI

5. Double Trouble  11:42       Otis Rush, Conrad Music

6. (I've Got to Use my) Imagination  4:19  Gerry Coffin & Barry Goldberg,Screen Gems-EMI Music Inc.

7. Blues for David Maxwell 8:24   Ronnie Earl, Mr. Earl Publishing, BMI

8. You Don't Know Me  8:05       Eddy Arnold & Cindy Walker  MIJAC Music

9. BroJoe 4:56   Ronnie Earl,  Mr. Earl Publishing, BMI

10. As The Years Go Passing By 7:06  Deadric Malone (Don Robey), Songs of Universal Inc.


Album and album teaser info


Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters

The Broadcasters are:

Ronnie Earl – Guitar

Lorne Entress – Drums

Dave Limina – Piano and Hammond B3

Jim Mouradian – Bass

Diane Blue - Vocals

Guest Musician

Nicholas Tabarias – Guitar



Ronnie Earl, Producer

Holger Petersen, Executive Producer

David Minehan, Recording and Mixing Engineer

Dave Clark, Road Manager

Debbie Blanchard, Manager

Tom Hazeltine, Photographer

Cover photos, studio photos, Dave Maxwell photo by Tom Hazeltine

Broadcaster photo, Debbie Blanchard

Package design and cover illustration by Michael Dangelmaeir


Video photos of Dave Maxwell used courtesy of:


Dave Maxwell pictures 1-3, Lisa Bolotte, Photographer

Dave Maxwell pictures 4-6, Mark Hunt, Photographer

Dave Maxwell pictures 7-8, Tom Hazeltine, Photographer   

Additional studio pictures: Diane Blue, Debbie Blanchard


Recorded at Wellspring Studios, Acton, MA and Wooly Mammoth Studios, Waltham, MA

Mastered by Mark Donahue at Sound Mirror, Jamaica Plain, MA


Exclusive Worldwide Bookings

The Kurland Agency






Blues for David Maxwell, Kismet, Mother Angel used with

permission Stony Plain Records,

Mr. Earl Publishing, Happy Valley, Concord Music Group, Diane Blue Music

More info on Chicago's Maxwell Street can be found here:
City of Chicago and Wikipedia

Interesting footnote: In the documentary Hubert Sumlin, Living The Blues, after jamming with Hubert Sumlin, Ronnie narrates the next segment about Maxwell Street. 


Listen to Blues for David Maxwell

Maxwell Street album teaser with:

  • Blues for David Maxwell
  • Kismet
  • Mother Angel
Who was David Maxwell? 
An accomplished and gifted musician, friend and beloved family member.

Here is a link to his website:
The following are some videos of David Maxwell with Ronnie and with Freddie King.